How nutraceutical products work to shape your health


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How nutraceuticals led to the new era of medicine?
How do nutraceutical products work?
What are its potential health benefits?
What is the future of the nutraceutical market?
Major reasons why the nutraceutical market is growing

“Nutraceutical fulfills the gap between food and medicine”


You might have encountered some dietary supplements at medicinal stores and wondered what they are precisely used for. Let us enlighten you a little about nutraceuticals and the reasons for their existence in the market.

Learning the concept behind nutraceuticals may lead you to gain some insights into how they contribute to the health system. This may also let you know why people are turning to nutraceuticals for improving their quality of life in this modern world.

How nutraceuticals led to the new era of medicine?

Nutraceutical is a term that was coined from nutrition and pharmaceuticals. According to the experts, they are the food substances that promote health that also helps prevent diseases. They are known to offer potential health benefits beyond basic nutrition.

How nutraceuticals led to the new era of medicine?

It is booming since scientists have realized that a certain intelligence exists in food. which acts as a functional element. These functional elements are often collected from functional foods that help optimize the body functioning. Thus, these are now supplied in the form of supplements to add nutrition while also helping in curing and preventing diseases.

How do nutraceutical products work?

The concept behind the innovation of nutraceuticals in medicine was the extraction of nutrients from the diet. It is highly rated for achieving good health in comparison to exercise or hereditary factors.

Nutraceutical products work as dietary ingredients that targets specifically resulting in visible changes in terms of physical aspects of the body. They are formed with the intent to fulfill essential nutrients that are lacking in the body.

Hence, with its intake, many specific benefits were found from the concentrated form of nutrients which heals the body from within by acting as a medicine for repairing issues in the body.

Some common types of nutraceuticals examples are-

How do Nutraceutical products work?
  1. Vitamins and minerals-They are given in the form of multivitamin supplements. These are Vitamin C nutraceutical tablets or calcium capsules.
  2. Herbal extracts-Various nutraceuticals are derived from the bioactive compounds of many herbs and botanicals such as green tea or herbal tea.
  3. Omega 3 fatty acids-Fatty acids which are essentially needed by the body are commonly supplied through fish oil supplements.
  4. Prebiotics and probiotics–These are nutraceutical products that support good gut health and are often present in the form of capsules and powders.
  5. Antioxidants-These nutraceuticals are rich in antioxidants that work against oxidative stress and cellular damage caused by free radicals. An example of such a product is a Vitamin E supplement.

What are its potential health benefits?

Nutraceutical medicine works similarly to traditional medical approaches which are now integrated into the modern healthcare plan. Derived from functional food, natural elements work to provide specific nutrients in an active and phytochemical form which supports to cure many ailments.

Here are some benefits that are observed when introduced into daily healthcare habits.

Prevents diseases

Promoting the intake of proper nutrients through supplementation has always contributed to living with a proactive approach. By addressing nutritional deficiencies, we ought to sort out our chronic diseases gradually. This leads us to eradicate the problem from its roots and helps maintain good health for the longer term.

Works as traditional medicine

The use of nutraceuticals is often compared to the traditional systems of medicines such as Ayurveda and herbal remedies. The use of nutraceutical products has facilitated the Incorporation of ancient practices with modern scientific research added to it. Hence combined benefits are now experienced through the application of nutraceuticals in the healthcare system.

Empowers people via preventive care

Nutraceuticals empower people to bring more control over their nutritional intake. Providing an easy excess of these supplements has played a vital role in managing health. As these products promote self-care, it also encourages people to adopt a healthy lifestyle while focusing on preventive care.

What is the future of the nutraceutical market?

Neutraceuticals increasing awareness about health and fitness

The nutraceutical market indicates a promising outlook for increasing awareness about health and fitness. Today In India, the majority of people are moving towards a healthier lifestyle due to the rising economy. Thus the increasing awareness among Indians has also resulted in the increase of numbers in the nutraceutical market.

The Indian population seeking nutritional benefits has led to the expansion of this market in India. Hence, the nutraceutical industry is growing at a faster pace. In the coming time, it may become the main say of new millennials in their healthcare system.

Its tremendous growth has come from the traditional benefits that were earlier used in our Indian culture. These are now used in the form of Pharmaceuticals. Thus, the healthcare sector is acknowledging its growing trends which has prompted many companies to excel due to its huge demands in the market.

Major reasons why the nutraceutical market is growing

Here are a few reasons why the nutraceutical market has led to significant growth in the Pharma industry.

  • Increase in consumer demands-
  • Advancements in Research and Development-
  • Healing the aging population-
  • Easy access to quality nutraceuticals-


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